No iLok Code Found

Activation codes are not provided for the purchase of the Everything Bundle, as the license are deposited automatically to your iLok ID linked with your Gobbler Account.

You can check to see which ID is linked with your Gobbler Account by logging into and clicking on "My Account"


Scroll down to view "iLok Account settings".


If the wrong iLok ID is linked, please "unlink the ID" and link the correct ID. A Slate Digital Support Agent will then need to transfer the license manually for you. An iLok transfer fee may apply.

If the correct ID is linked, but you can't find your licenses within your iLok Account, you may need to hit the "Activate" button within your Gobbler Account in order to deposit the licenses to your iLok ID.

Once the licenses have been deposited, you will find them under the "Available" tab within the iLok License Manager. Right click to activate. You can find the "available" tab by clicking on your username when signed into the iLok License Manager. Please let us know if you have any questions.



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