How To Update My Email Address

Slate Digital Account 

Sign in to your Slate User Account here:

Click "Account Info" and then choose the "Change" option to update your email address. 


Legacy Slate User Account Email Address

If you need to update the email address associated with your Slate User Account, you will need to contact support as customers are unable to change or merge their registered email addresses:

Please include the previous email address along with the new email address you would like us to update this to in your message.

Once completed, we will respond with your updated login information ASAP.

Gobbler Email Address

You can change the email address associated with your Gobbler account from your “My Profile” page.

Log in your Gobbler Marketplace account, and choose "My Profile" from the Main Menu in the top right corner of the page, underneath your Gobbler's account e-mail address.


In your “My Profile” page you can change information regarding your account, such as name, email, account password, and iLok account linked to your Gobbler account.


Entering a new email and clicking the blue “Update User” button will save the new e-mail address associated with your Gobbler account.

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