Audio Legends Login / Course Registration

After your passcode has been registered, you can log into your Audio Legends Account here:

NOTE: Be sure to bookmark this page so you can access it easily in the future. 

You won't be able to login with your "passcode" if you've already registered the course, as you were provided with login information via email from Please check your email inbox your Audio Legends password.  

Commonly Asked Questions

Q: Where can I go to register my Audio Legends passcode or Mixing Course passcode?

A: Registration for Audio Legends codes and codes provided for Everything Bundle users can be registered here:

Q: I'm an Everything Bundle user. Where can I find my passcode for my free session courses? 

A: Please view the following article: How To Register Your Free Mixing Course

Q: I'm an Everything Bundle user and was under the impression that I would have access to several courses

A: Yes, absolutely. We have a lot of great courses in the works for you! Keep in mind, these courses take time to get right, as we provide a session file for every major DAW. At this time, the Rock Edition is the only course we have available for Everything Bundle users. We will be adding courses to your account as they become available. Feel free to view our tutorials page here:


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