I can't find VMR in Logic on my M1 Mac

While our plugins are not yet supported on ARM based Mac computers (more info here), we've found in some cases, even opening Logic Pro with Rosetta translation, Virtual Mix Rack will appear "successfully validated", but is absent from the Audio Units list.

If this is the case with your system, close Logic Pro, and follow the steps below:


Delete the AU Cache folder

  • The AudioUnitCache folder can be found in the following location:

    Note: All of your AU plugins will be rescanned when Logic reopens

Delete Info Helper plist file

  • The InfoHelper.plist file can be found in the following location:


⚠️Important⚠️: These locations are hidden by default. You will need to hold down the "Option" key on your keyboard within the Finder "Go" menu in order to access the User Library.


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