Why am I seeing a Missing Resource File Error?

Some users may be unable to open their plugins if a window resembling the one below appears.

In order to resolve the issue, the permissions for your Slate Digital plugins need to be changed.

Begin by opening Finder, which can be found on your dock.

Select your hard drive, and navigate to the following folders.

Library -> Application Support -> Slate Digital.

Control-Click the folder, and select the "Get Info" option on the drop-down menu.

The menu below will pop up. Open the "Sharing & Permissions" drop-down menu and click on the lock icon at the bottom-right corner of the menu.

Enter your computer's login info when prompted. This will allow to make changes to your Sharing & Permissions settings.


Click on the two arrows located near the word "everyone" in the Sharing & Permissions menu. Select the "Read & Write" option.

After this step is done, click on the gear symbol located at the bottom of the menu, and select the "Apply to enclosed items..." option.

You will receive a prompt asking to confirm the change. Select "OK" when prompted.

Your plugin should now launch without the ESR Error occurring.

Additionally, this error can occur when two different versions of the plugin are installed to the same plugin path.  We recommend removing the older version number from the plugin path.  These older versions can be found outside of the Slate Digital folder or wherever else you installed them to. You can view OSX plugin paths here.  You can view Windows plugin paths here.


If you continue having issues, please contact support to speak with a Slate Support Agent.

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