Everything Bundle Installers

Plugin Installers:

Virtual Mix Rack 2.0/Virtual Microphone System

VMR Mac Installer 
VMR Win Installer

NOTE: Contains ALL VMR modules including Monster, Eiosis Air & Earth, Blue 116 Bundle, Virtual Preamp Collection, FG-Bomber, Custom Series, VMR Mix Bundle One, Virtual Tube Collection, Virtual Console Collection, U73b, Classic Tubes, Classic Instruments, FG-Stress, and FG-A. 

The VMS software is not included in the Everything Bundle as it requires the physical microphone(s) in order to be used correctly. 



AirEQ Mac Installer
AirEQ Win Installer


E2Deesser Mac Installer
E2Deesser Win Installer

Virtual Buss Compressors

VBC Mac Installer
VBC Win Installer

Virtual Tape Machine

VTM Mac Installer
VTM Win Installer

FG-X Mastering Console

FGX Mac Installer
FGX Win Installer


S-Gear 2.70 Mac Installer
S-Gear 2.71 Win Installer

VerbSuite Classics

VerbSuite Mac Installer
VerbSuite Win Installer

VerbSuite Classics Expansions

Bricasti M7 Expansion Library For VerbSuite Classics
FG-224 Expansion Library For VerbSuite Classics (sign-in required)
FG-3000 & FG-3500 Expansion Library For VerbSuite Classics (sign-in required)


Repeater 1.1.4 Mac Installer
Repeater 1.1.4 Win Installer

Relab LX480 Reverb:

Installers are posted on the following page: http://relab.dk/downloads/

NOTE: This plugin is not included in Everything Bundle plans purchased after 9-29-16. The LX480 is also not available in $14.99 or $179.88 plans. 

Legacy Installers

Note: RTAS and Mac OSX 10.6.8 compatible

View the following article for Legacy Installers: Legacy Plugin Installers

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