Everything Bundle Installers

Plugin Installers:

Virtual Mix Rack 2.0/Virtual Microphone System

VMR Mac Installer 
VMR Win Installer

NOTE: Contains ALL VMR modules including Monster, Eiosis Air & Earth, Blue 116 Bundle, Virtual Preamp Collection, FG-Bomber, Custom Series, VMR Mix Bundle One, Virtual Tube Collection, Virtual Console Collection, U73b, Classic Tubes, Classic Instruments, & FG-Stress. 

The VMS software is not included in the Everything Bundle as it requires the ML-1 microphone in order to be used correctly. 

Virtual Buss Compressors

VBC Mac Installer
VBC Win Installer

Virtual Tape Machine

VTM Mac Installer
VTM Win Installer

FG-X Mastering Console

FGX Mac Installer
FGX Win Installer


S-Gear 2.70 Mac Installer
S-Gear 2.71 Win Installer


E2Deesser Mac Installer
E2Deesser Win Installer

VerbSuite Classics

VerbSuite Mac Installer
VerbSuite Win Installer

VerbSuite Classics Expansions

Bricasti M7 Expansion Library For VerbSuite Classics
FG-224 Expansion Library For VerbSuite Classics (sign-in required)
FG-3000 & FG-3500 Expansion Library For VerbSuite Classics (sign-in required)


Repeater 1.1.4 Mac Installer
Repeater 1.1.4 Win Installer

Relab LX480 Reverb:

Installers are posted on the following page: http://relab.dk/downloads/

NOTE: This plugin is not included in Everything Bundle plans purchased after 9-29-16. The LX480 is also not available in $14.99 or $179.88 plans. 

Legacy Installers

Note: RTAS and Mac OSX 10.6.8 compatible

View the following article for Legacy Installers: Legacy Plugin Installers

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