Perpetual To Everything Bundle

After purchasing the Everything Bundle, what happens to my previously purchased licenses?

Absolutely nothing. Your purchased perpetual licenses co-exist with the Everything Bundle licenses. 

The image above shows both my previous purchased licenses and my new LX480, S-GEAR, and Mix Master Bundle licenses which are apart of the Everything Bundle. 

How do I access my account?

Your perpetual products can be accessed through
Everything Bundle users can access their account here:
Audio Legends users can access their account here:

NOTE: Be sure to bookmark these pages so you can access them easily in the future. 

How do I download the plugin installers?

Perpetual product downloads can be accessed by logging in here:

Everything Bundle and Audio Legends customers can access their plugin downloads through the Gobbler app. Windows and OSX 10.7 customers can access the plugin installers here: Everything Bundle Installers

How can I sell/transfer my previous perpetual licenses?

1. Submit A Request stating that you would like to sell or transfer your license. Include the full names, email addresses, and iLok User IDs of both parties.

2. You will need to transfer the iLok license to the new owner (PACE/ iLok fees apply, there are no fees imposed by Slate Digital). This can be done via the iLok License Manager.  Sign in to your iLok ID, select the license you want to transfer and then select the transfer button in the top right.

3. We must transfer your product registration to the buyer. Once the license transfer is confirmed, we will remove product from your user account and send a new passcode and registration link to the new owner via e-mail.

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