iLok 3 Shipping Questions

NOTE: Due to the release of iLok Cloud, we no longer ship iLok dongles with Everything Bundle purchases. iLok dongles can be purchased through an online reseller or with the purchase of a non-subscription license. 

1) When will I receive my iLok 3 dongle?

When making a purchase from Slate Digital with an iLok included, you will receive tracking information from Mister Mail. 

US Shipping can take 3-7 business days where as International Shipments can take anywhere from 10-30 business days. 

2) Can I use my Slate Digital plugins while I wait for my iLok?

No. You will need to wait for your iLok to arrive before you can activate the plugins.

3) Can you ship to my address?

If you live outside of the US, and are unsure if we can ship our iLok to your address, you will be happy to know that we can ship our iLok pretty much everywhere. There are some restrictions to sanctioned countries, but the iLok does not fall within the prohibited goods. Please see below, as these countries have certain restrictions: 

Cuba (BIS).

Iran (OFAC)

North Korea (BIS).

Sudan (OFAC).

Syria (BIS).

NOTE: Due to an increase in failed shipments, we can no longer send iLok dongles to Chile, Dubai, South Africa, and India

If you have additional questions, feel free to reach out to our support team who will be happy to assist you here.




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