How To Install Slate Plugins In Cubase

NOTE: Before proceeding with the installation steps, please verify your version of Cubase is supported: Supported Digital Audio Workstations

Step 1:
Download plugin(s) from the following page:

Step 2:
Make sure Cubase is closed, as it will need to scan in the newly installed plugin(s) after the installation. Once plugin(s) have finished downloading, locate in your downloads folder and double-click to unzip and run the installer. 

Step 3:
Follow prompts in the installer:


Step 4:
Launch Cubase after installation has completed. 

Step 5 (Windows Users Only):
Slate plugins are installed to "C:\Program Files\Vstplugins" by default. You will need to add this path to Cubase.

• Click the "Studio" drop-down menu and select "VST Plug-in Manager".
• Under the "VST Effects" tab, click the cog wheel on the bottom left and then click "+".
• Navigate to the plugin path C:\Program Files\Vstplugins and click "OK".

If this path is already listed for you in "VST 2 Plug-in Path Settings", you can disregard this step. 


If you experience any issues, please view the following troubleshooting article: How To Rescan Your Plugins In Cubase

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