How can I link my Slate account to an iLok account?

Your iLok ID will be requested after your first checkout or redemption in order to send you the license(s) you purchased or redeemed. You can check your iLok account ID in your Account Info. All purchases and redemptions to your account will be sent to the same iLok account ID. 

No iLok ID linked:
If you don't have an iLok ID linked to your account, but you see Slate Digital products in your Dashboard, this means the products you purchased predate our current account system. This doesn't necessarily mean your licenses aren't activated, but that when you purchased, we sent iLok activation codes instead of directly depositing licenses to your iLok ID as our account system currently does.

Change iLok ID
If you have an iLok ID linked and need to change it, please click the "Change" button next to your iLok ID in Account Info. This feature is available only once, and will redeposit all licenses in your account purchased through our current account system. Licenses purchased prior to our new account system ( will not be redeposited.



If you've already changed your iLok ID, and made a mistake when you changed it, please contact support

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