Activation Error - AirEQ Premium

“This software cannot be run because the activation experience thinks the authorizations was found, but the wrapper could not verify it.”

If you are receiving the error above, this most likely means your iLok License Manager software is outdated.

You will need to simply uninstall the current version on your system and update to the latest version.


1) Download the iLok License Manager here:!home
2) Open the License Support Installer DMG file.
3) Remove any previous ILM versions by running the "Uninstall License Support"
4) Now open the License Support.pkg file to install the latest update of ILM
5) Now right click on your iLok in the ILM and select Synchronize


1) Uninstall the current iLok License Manager using Programs & Features
2) Download the iLok License Manager here:!home
3) Unzip the License Support file you downloaded
4) Run the .exe installer file for the iLok License Manager
5) Now right click on your iLok in the recently updated ILM and select Synchronize

Additionally, you may need to "synchronize" your iLok dongle:

Right click on your iLok dongle icon, listed in the left column of the License Manager, and choose "Synchronize".

Wait for the operation to complete, and then launch your DAW.

If issues persist, please contact support here.

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