S-Gear FAQ

Is S-Gear included in my All Access Pass subscription?
If you signed up for the All Access Pass (formerly known as the Everything Bundle) prior to February 5th, 2019, S-Gear is included with your All Access Pass license. If you signed up for the All Access Pass after February 5th, S-Gear is not included.
How long will I have access to S-Gear?
S-Gear will be removed for all users on October 31st, 2019.
What if my subscription was canceled due to a Breach of Contract
If you re-activate your previously canceled subscription, S-Gear will not be included when the license is redeposited.
I’ve just moved my All Access Pass license to iLok Cloud. Why is the plugin asking for activation? 
S-Gear is not compatible with iLok Cloud. In order to use the license, you’d need to move your All Access Pass license to a physical iLok. 
My All Access Pass subscription will renew soon. Will I keep S-Gear? 
S-Gear will not renew past Oct 31st 2019 as it will be removed completely from the All Access Pass license collection. 
I've lost my iLok and I need my All Access Pass license redeposited. What happens to my S-Gear license?
When your All Access Pass license is redeposited, S-Gear will not be included.
Will there be a replacement for S-Gear? 
Overloud TH-U has been released! It offers over 100 modeled pieces, including 30+ guitar amps, 19 cabinet models, 33 effects modules and pedals, and 18 microphones.
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