Where is my iLok activation code?


There are many reasons why your DAW may be asking for an iLok activation code. If your DAW is requesting this, it means that it cannot see your Slate Digital licenses. 

An iLok activation code is a one-time use code used to deposit licenses into your iLok account after your purchase. If you have purchased an individual plugin, we email this code to you and you enter it into your iLok License Manager. Once redeemed, this code is not used again. If you have an All Access Pass, your licenses are deposited to your iLok account automatically so an iLok activation code is not provided.


If you have an All Access Pass and your licenses are active in a cloud session, closing and opening your session usually will resolve this issue. 

1. Open your iLok License Manager and sign into your account.
2. Click File in the menu bar, and select Close Cloud Session. This will temporarily deactivate your license.
3. Click File in the menu bar, and select Open Cloud Session.

If your licenses are active on a physical iLok, verify that your iLok License Manager can see your iLok. If the iLok is not detected, try using a different USB port. If your iLok is detected, you may need to reinstall your iLok License Manager and synchronize your iLok.

iLok License Manager (Mac)
iLok License Manager (Windows)

Once this is done, right click on your iLok on the left side of your iLok License Manager and select "Synchronize".

Additional troubleshooting

Ensure you are running the latest versions of our plugins, as well as the lastest iLok License Manager.

Slate Digital Installers

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