macOS Big Sur Compatibility

macOS Big Sur 11 has been announced and is scheduled for release later this year.

Although the OS has not been released yet, it's important to remember to hold off on updating for the time being.

We're currently aware of some critical issues using Slate Digital/All Access Pass products in macOS Big Sur. We ask for your patience while our development team works out the issues and to wait to update your system until we announce official support for macOS Big Sur.

If you've already updated your system to macOS Big Sur, we ask for you to revert to an officially supported operating system. If you need assistance reverting your system to a previous version, please see this article, or contact Apple directly.

When macOS Big Sur is officially supported with Slate Digital/All Access Pass products, we'll ensure to make an official announcement.



In some cases your Mac will update automatically to the newest version of macOS. To prevent this from happening, navigate to System PreferencesSoftware Update, and ensure "Automatically keep my Mac up to date" is unchecked.


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