Apple ARM Support (M1 Processors)

Slate Digital and All Access Pass software plugins are not yet compatible with the new Apple M1 computers (Apple ARM processors). Please understand that that updating our entire product line to run natively on a new processor is quite a time consuming process for our developers. 

Therefore Apple M1 (ARM) updates won't likely be available until early 2022. As you may be aware, the All Access Pass includes products from multiple 3rd party manufacturers, which means multiple different development teams are hard at work on this process. We very much appreciate your patience and understanding during this time. 

In the meantime, instead of using your DAW natively with our plugins, you'll need to update to the latest versions of our plugins, then open your DAW with Rosetta:
To enable this option, locate your DAW in the Applications folder. Right click it, and select "Get Info" or use the Key command ⌘+I.

If you've already tried using our plugins natively (Rosetta not enabled), your plugins may need to be rescanned. Please see this article for more information about rescanning your plugins in Logic Pro.


• If you're using Logic Pro, have completed the steps below, but still can't find Virtual Mix Rack in your plugins, see this article

* If you don't see an option to open your DAW with Rosetta, you're either not using an M1 Mac, or you need to install Rosetta 2


• This method is a workaround. If for some reason, after using Rosetta with your DAW, you're still experiencing issues, you'll need to wait for official support.


• If you have additional questions, please send us a request here.


• None of the above applies to VRS8. The VRS8 will not be supported with the Apple ARM architecture. More information can be found here.

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