Switching your All Access Pass from Gobbler to Slate Digital

Gobbler Migration

If you'd like to stop your Gobbler All Access Pass membership, and move your membership to slatedigital.com, please use the following migration link:


This will guide you through the migration process. You'll be assisted in choosing the correct start date, as well as stopping your current membership from renewing.

All Access Pass Plans

Depending on your membership, you might not be able to switch immediately (or even at the end of the month).

For Gobbler Annual Paid Upfront ($149.99/year) and Month to Month ($24.99/month) memberships, you'll be able to switch before your next payment occurs. If your plan is Annual Paid Upfront or Month to Month, click the Pause checkbox, and choose your start date one day before the next Renewal date on your Gobbler Order Management page, to avoid any downtime.

However, for the Gobbler Annual Paid Monthly ($14.99/month) plan, you'll need to wait until your commitment has been fulfilled. The end of your commitment, and the Start date of your new plan depends on when you started your membership.


Annual Paid Monthly Start/Stop Dates

For Annual Paid Monthly ($14.99/month) plans, you'll see the number of months you have remaining on the Order Management page:


This plan has 12 months remaining, as it just renewed for another annual commitment. Therefore with Auto-Renewal unchecked, the licenses will expire on September 21st, 2022. This means the correct start date that should be chosen using the migration link would be September 20th, 2022 (so no downtime is incurred):


To calculate your start date for your Gobbler Annual Paid Monthly membership, first uncheck the "Auto-Renewal" option in your Gobbler Order Management section. Then under the price ($14.99/MONTH), you'll see how many months you have remaining (eg: 8 months remaining). Take away 1 month (8 months remaining would be 7 months) and add it to the next renewal date (found on the right of the Slate Digital logo).

For example, if your plan has 8 months remaining, and your next renewal date is November 6th, 2021, your Start date would be June 5th, 2022 (leaving 1 day to avoid downtime).


Activate your licenses

When your new Slate Digital All Access Pass licenses are deposited into your iLok account, make sure to activate the licenses either to your iLok dongle, or via iLok Cloud.

If your iLok Cloud session is in Automatic Mode, the license will activate via iLok Cloud by default. You can also move the license to your iLok dongle. 

If your iLok Cloud session is in Managed Mode, or you've never used iLok Cloud before, you'll need to activate the license either to your iLok 2 or 3 dongle or your Managed iLok Cloud session from the Available tab of the iLok License Manager.


NOTE: For long time All Access Pass (formerly known as the Everything Bundle) members prior to 2017, you may have a legacy plan that still includes Relab's LX480 (not all plans included this product). If you switch your All Access Pass to our website, you will lose this product. LX480 was replaced by VerbSuite Classics in 2017.

If you have any questions about switching your All Access Pass membership, please contact support.


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