Slate Digital Connect FAQ

What is Slate Digital Connect?

Slate Digital Connect is an all-in-one installer manager to install all Slate Digital plugins in one convenient application. Previously unless you were using Gobbler, you’d need to download and install all plugins individually, although this option is still available.

Slate Digital Connect is able to install and update all Slate Digital or All Access Pass plugins regardless of where they were installed from (eg, Gobbler, Installers page, etc). With so many plugins being released, Slate Digital Connect is crucial to keep the installation process simple. 

Can I switch from Gobbler to Slate Digital Connect

Slate Digital Connect isn't a platform like Gobbler, it's just an installer manager for Slate Digital and All Access Pass plugins. Using Slate Digital Connect doesn't mean your All Access Pass is now through Slate Digital, but feel free to use it if you're a Gobbler user.

Note: If you're interested in switching your All Access Pass to our platform instead of Gobbler, please use this form. More information can be found here.

I only have a few perpetual licenses, like an ML-1 or MetaTune. Can I use Slate Digital Connect?

Yes, absolutely. Please be sure though to only install products that you have a license for. All Slate Digital plugins are able to be installed through Slate Digital Connect, but this doesn't necessarily mean you've purchased them, or that you can use them all.

How do I update ​​Slate Digital Connect?

Slate Digital Connect should update automatically after opening the application. Slate Digital Connect is updated very frequently, so make sure it’s updated when you use the app. If for some reason you think you may be on an outdated version of Slate Digital Connect, while the app should update itself, you can always find the latest version on our Installers page

How do I install my plugins to a different location, like an external Hard Drive on PC?

This can only be done for VST2 plugins on PC. On macOS, all plugins will install to their default location. VST3 and AAX locations should always be on your internal HD and shouldn't be changed. To change your VST2 plugin location on PC, open Slate Digital Connect, select My Preferences then click Edit next to VST 2 installation path:


Note: If you use a different VST2 path, this path needs to be selected in your DAW so it can scan the VST2 location. Please also note if you're trying to save space, this isn't really effective. VST2 plugins are very small in file size and the largest part of our plugins are located in system files that can not be moved.

How do I uninstall plugins with Slate Digital Connect?

Slate Digital Connect is also a very useful tool if you need to uninstall plugins for whatever reason. Find the plugin you'd like to install and click the 3 dots in the bottom right corner of the plugin card. Click Uninstall and you'll be prompted to enter your user password (macOS) or to allow this app to make changes on your device (Windows).


If you installed products that you don’t own by mistake, Slate Digital Connect is a great way to remove them to avoid activation prompts when opening your DAW.

Do I have to log in to use Slate Digital Connect?

Currently no login is required to use Slate Digital Connect, as it's not directly connected to your Slate Digital User Account. You will need a Slate Digital User Account to download Slate Digital Connect.

In a future Slate Digital Connect update you’ll be able to login to Slate Digital Connect using your Slate Digital User Account in order to only see purchased products.

Does Slate Digital Connect replace iLok?

No, Slate Digital Connect is simply an app that allows you to install Slate Digital and All Access Pass plugins. The iLok License Manager will still need to be installed for iLok dongle and iLok Cloud activation and license management.

Do I have to use Slate Digital Connect

No, if you’d rather install your Slate Digital or All Access Pass plugins individually, our installers are still available on the Offline Installers section of our Installers Page. If your All Access Pass is through Gobbler, you can also still use Gobbler instead of Slate Digital Connect if that’s preferred. 

Can I revert to a previous version of a plugin with Slate Digital Connect?

No. This feature isn’t currently available in Slate Digital Connect, but this feature is planned in a future Slate Digital Connect update. If you need legacy/32 bit versions of our plugins, uninstall the latest version, and use the versions found in this article

I don’t need all plugin formats (VST/VST3/AAX/AU), can I install only the formats I need?

Absolutely! Navigate to the My Preferences section of Slate Digital Connect and you’ll find all available formats for your OS. Simply check the plugin formats you’d like, then go back to either the All Plugins or Updates section and install, or update accordingly.


Note: If you select only a few formats, any format that’s not selected will be deleted. For example, when only AAX is selected, after updating, if you already had all other formats installed, VST2, VST3 and AU will be uninstalled:


What is the Feedback tool in Slate Digital Connect for?

This is a tool that allows you to provide feedback specific to Slate Digital Connect. Our team would love to your your feedback on Slate Digital Connect! You can report a bug using markup features in the app, or make a suggestion of a feature you’d like to see in a future version of Slate Digital Connect 

Feedback is sent directly to our Web Development team in France. All feedback will be read, but we can’t guarantee all Feedback will receive a response. If you have a technical issue (licensing/install/missing plugins), instead of using the Feedback tool, please contact support directly here

Where can I download the VerbSuite Classics Expansions?

In order to access VerbSuite Classics expansion packs, you’ll need to sign into your Slate Digital User Account, as these are not available on Slate Digital Connect. If you’re a Slate Digital user using our website, you will need to sign in (if you’re not already) using this link. Scroll down to the bottom of the page where you’ll find Expansion Packs.

If you’re a Gobbler All Access Pass member, you will need to sign into your account here.

Simply click on the View icon inside My Installers. You’ll then see all of your installers including the VSC expansion packs. You can view a video outlining this process here.

Does Slate Digital Connect install Steven Slate Drums?

Nope. Slate Digital Connect is only for Slate Digital products. VSX. Steven Slate Drums, Trigger, Raven, etc are not Slate Digital products and aren’t associated with Slate Digital. For more information, please see this article

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